RevaTrademark is a simple but
powerful docketing program that lets you:

  • Track trademarks, patents, oppositions, clients and contacts.
  • View upcoming critical dates, generate alert emails, or send them to your Outlook calendar.
  • Customize each jurisdiction's date schedule to add your own reminder dates.
  • Record the actions you've taken on trademarks and patents, including hours and expenses.
  • Print reports with user-created layoutsand and export them to PDFs, Word or Excel.
  • Merge trademark and patent data into Word letters and Outlook emails.
  • Open trademark and patent records in official online databases with one click.

New in Version 6.5

  • RevaTrademart is now a cloud-based system you can rent on a monthly basis.
  • Create custom report layouts directly in the preview grid.
  • Mark trademark and patent actions as alerts to show up on the alerts screens and reports.
  • Select and arrange the fields you want on the list and alerts screens.
  • Create custom subject lines for alert emails, including fields from the database.
  • Store combinations of report filters under a filter name.
  • Copy and paste trademark and patent graphics into merged letters and emails.
RevaTrademark docketing software

And we still offer the same up-front pricing, with no renewal fees, no per-record fees, no used-car-salesman gimmicks and none of that "Oh, you want to add users to the system? Well, that costs extra!" nonsense.